Wilson Feeder Education Network meeting

11 Mar 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Tenley-Friendship Library
4450 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington
DC 20016

This is one of a number of community meetings discussing potential solutions to overcrowding in the elementary and middle schools in Wilson’s Feeder Network, which includes Shepherd. It is important for our community to attend these to learn the facts, and to participate in the discussion of potential solutions. These are also potentially inform any potential boundary changes DCPS may consider several years from now.

From the network’s Facebook page: “Ward 3-Wilson Feeder Ed Net brings together school communities of the Wilson feeder pattern to promote a better public school system for all Washingtonians”

Here are the details from a Feb. 12, 2019, email to members of the Ward 3 – Wilson Feeder Education Network.

Our next Ward 3 – Wilson Feeder Education Network meeting is Monday, March 11th at 7pm at the Tenley-Friendship LibraryWe are very happy to host Council Chair Phil Mendelson.  Our March meeting will be a great opportunity to hear his vision for education in the city and to ask questions.  In particular, it will be a good opportunity for us to ask about the recently released report on overcrowding, and we will likely be in the thick of budget season.
In case you hadn’t read them yet…
Read the Community Working Group on Overcrowding Report here:
Read Parents’ and Community Members’ Response letter here:
Hope to see you there!
Brian and Melody
Next meetings?
April 8 — Tenley-Friendship Library — TBD
May 13 — TBD
June 10 (if needed) — TBD