IB Awards

The IB Awards are for students and staff members who have demonstrated the IB Learner Profile trait on a monthly basis. The Learner Profile is significant to what it means to be internationally minded and a PYP School strives to develop internationally minded people.

Each of the months of the school year is dedicated to one of the Learner Profile trait. The Awards are presented four times per year at the end of each of the Term Advisory.

The individuals are selected by the teachers and the staff members.  The Learner Profile traits are:

  • Caring – September20140204_104511
  • Inquirer – October
  • Thinker – November
  • Open- Minded – December
  • Risk Taker – January
  • Knowledgeable – February
  • Balanced – March
  • Principled – April
  • Communicator- May
  • Reflective – June20140204_105256