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Why Join Shepherd’s PTO??

Studies show that parental involvement plays a significant role in student achievement and performance. A strong parent group can make a tremendous difference in how a school functions. At Shepherd, we encourage all our families to join the Shepherd Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (SES PTO). It is a wonderful way to get to know the other great families in our school community. In addition, it serves as a vehicle for you to voice your opinion on important issues affecting your child’s learning environment.

Our Vision

To be a self-sustaining organization capable of providing resources needed to help Shepherd Elementary School achieve its social, cultural and academic goals.

To ensure that Shepherd Elementary becomes a top 5 school within DCPS by providing programs, resources, and activities that will enhance the instructional experience and promote academic excellence.

The role of the PTO is to: Encourage membership and participation by all families, teachers and other interested community members.

  • Provide timely communications throughout the school community.
  • Support the standard school curriculum and International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.
  • Raise funds for:
    • Academic enrichment (test preparation, tutoring, etc.)
    • Support staff
    • Information technology support
    • Teacher stipends
    • Student activities
    • Classroom supplies, curriculum materials and supplies for extracurricular activities (including but not limited to the science fair and school dances)
    • Childcare, pizza, drinks and janitorial expenses for PTA meetings
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Music program instruments and maintenance
    • Insurance
  • Advocate for DCPS support for Shepherd programs.
  • Continuously improve the school appearance.
  • Recruit and retain volunteers to support the academic and programmatic activities.










While PTO membership is FREE this year, the 180 Fund gives those who might be able to contribute a bit more the opportunity to do that easily. The name comes from the required 180 instructional days per school year and the notion that all we’re asking for is one dollar per day.  Please visit our page to learn more.

The PTO’s activities are many, guided by both the school’s needs and the talents of our parents.

PTO Meetings

The Shepherd Elementary PTO generally meets the third Wednesday of every month — but check our calendar because this can change with holidays and other quirks of the school year. The meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are usually held in the school gym/auditorium. (Parent workshops and special-event activities sometimes pre-empt PTO meetings.) Although attendance at the PTO meetings is not required, we encourage all members and others in the school community to attend. Free child care for Shepherd Students will be provided onsite for every PTO meeting.

Meeting Minutes for SY2019-20

Archived meeting minutes and handouts can be found here.


Current Board

Between meetings, the PTO is overseen by the Executive Board, made up of the PTO's officers as elected by the membership each spring. You can view the official bylaws for our PTO here.

The current PTO officers for the 2020-21 school year are:

Co-Presidents — Elizabeth Bradley and Taryn Losch-Beridon
Vice President — Ayana McIntosh
Treasurer — Karen Sloan
Assistant Treasurer — Andrea Smith
Recording Secretary — Sara Faulman
Corresponding Secretary — POSITION OPEN