Language Program


Several different language programs have been mentioned over the years.

For those parents who want additional foreign language instruction for their children, an after school Spanish class is available free of charge. Also, funding is available for a possible Saturday Language Academy. Putting this in place will be based on interest and number.

What is Shepherd’s language program model?

Shepherd has a “Foreign Language in Elementary School (FLES)” Program, which is a comprehensive and enriching world language program. Shepherd does not have a dual language or immersion program which are both language programs in which at least 50% of all instruction must be in a non-English language. FLES is the most frequently offered foreign language program in elementary school. FLES programs offer a second language as a subject much like science or social studies. A FLES Program does require a range of time and frequency.

The national standard is 45 to 180 minutes per week. At Shepherd, the FLES Program is aligned with IB’s requirements and exposes students in grades pre-kindergarten through 6 to either French or Spanish language instruction.