Shepherd Student Government (SSG)

Under the leadership of Ms. Pereira, Ms. Mack, and Dr. Hedlund, the SSG is comprised of a group of elected fifth-grade student officers and homeroom representatives from K-4. There will be one homeroom representative from each homeroom grades K-4 for each term. Homeroom representatives will rotate at the end of the second and third quarters to offer room for more voices and opportunities to develop more student leaders. The homeroom reps will attend a SSG Morning Meeting each Wednesday and report back to the class on what was discussed, as well as share their homeroom’s concerns and ideas with the SSG. To be elected, students will need to write a paragraph (or a list for younger students) explaining why they would make a good homeroom rep and share it with the class. In addition, fifth graders serving on the SSG will practice leadership skills when some of them conduct tours for our prospective families at our open house throughout the year.

SY2019-20 Elected Officers
President: Ise Kambui
Vice President: Noemi Milam
Secretary: Ivori Jennings
Historian: Henry Goldblatt