Art Program

In Spring 2015, several Shepherd students were among the featured artists at the DCPS art exhibition. This year, Shepherd welcome its new art teacher, Ms. Termini.  Please check back here as we learn more about her plans for this school year.

Language Program

Shepherd’s curriculum includes a “Foreign Language in Elementary School” (FLES) program, which is a comprehensive and enriching world language program. FLES is the most frequently offered foreign language program in elementary school, offering a second language as a subject much like science or social studies.

FLES does require a range of time and frequency. The national standard is 45 to 180 minutes per week. At Shepherd, the FLES program is aligned with its IB requirements and exposes students in preschool through 5th grade to either French or Spanish language instruction.

Shepherd does not have a dual language or immersion program, in which at least 50 percent of all instruction must be in a non-English language.

Shepherd Elementary School Language Policy

Music Program

The music program at Shepherd Elementary School covers music history and culture, a wide variety of types of music (from Bach to blues), note-reading and beat-counting, and even composing lyrics to a blues or rap song. We sing, we play instruments, we listen to recordings and live performances, and we learn about the connections between music and our cultural history. We support the International Baccalaureate program by singing in many languages and learning about music from around the world.