PTA Committees

To identify the committee that you are interested in or the role that you would like to play please complete the volunteer sign-up form. If you have specific questions please contact the PTA.

Below is a brief description of the committees:


This is the PTA’s single biggest fundraiser. Held each spring, it nets necessary funds to sustain the PTA through the summer. The Auction Committee needs helpers with procuring items, selling tickets, executing contracts, writing descriptions of auction items, decorating the auction site, checking in attendees (and checking them out with their auction winnings), and much more.


Ms. June Confer, 576-6140,
We’re always interested in having our children read, and read better. Getting books they like into their hands helps. Last year’s Book Fair raised a record amount for Shepherd and we’d like to top that in 2011! It runs for a week in the library, in conjunction with Fall Fest. Cashiers are always needed, and parents to stock and restock shelves.


The tireless efforts of the PTA’s Building and Grounds Committee got Shepherd its new gym floor, and new windows throughout the school. It will also pave the way for remaking the school with a joint parental-staff vision when renovations are expected mid-decade, in the meantime, there’s always room for folks with green thumbs and strong backs when it comes to plants, mulch, trees and playgrounds.


School directories don’t get put together by themselves! Lend a hand by typing, double-checking e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and similar tasks. We’ve got a deadline to get this in parents’ hands by the end of October!


Fall Fest, now in its seventh year, brings together parents and children like no other event at Shepherd. It’s an afternoon -– stretching into the evening -– of fun and food. Each class sponsors an activity, and parents sign up to take a shift running the activity. Kids, meanwhile, have oodles of fun with moonbounces, arts and crafts, and food.


Most schools call it “Field Day.” We encourage parents to join their children in the fun and frolic, helping teachers and staff with games and contests and with providing food –- and a safe atmosphere for a day of outdoor activity in June.


The PTA has fundraising plan filled with fun, family-oriented activities that require minimal “sales” from families. If every family does a little, we can raise a lot! Here are ways you can help:

  • Donate to the “180 Fund.”
  • Participate in the Family Night Out at select restaurants (watch the Mustang for details),
  • Donate recipes and buy multiple copies of the PTA Cookbook,
  • Participate in the Color Me Mine Fundraiser Friday,
  • Send in your Box Tops for Education.
  • Register your Giant and Safeway frequent shopper cards.
  • Buy a brick with your family/student’s name on it for our new garden (details to come).

We’ve identified a spot at the school that would be just perfect for a children’s garden -– not just flowers, but vegetables, too! This is one way we can help our children get in touch with nature, and keep from thinking that food just comes from the supermarket.


Monica Goletiani,
If you know how to write grants or if you know of grant opportunities, you’ll be Monica’s best friend!


Shepherd is taking the necessary first steps to becoming a school that recycles. Get in on the ground floor in our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle and join the Green Team –students, parents and teachers all joined in this necessary cause.


The school is serious about following First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative, finding healthier food options for students, and cultivating a culture of physical and mental health at the school. You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to serve, but the ability to follow through is important as your children progress from grade to grade.


A Shepherd Elementary tradition now in its forth decade, Jazz Night has long featured music students from Howard University, a gaily decorated auditorium, and a satisfying array of potluck dishes. You can help put it all together.


This is an annual drive in which students contribute their (or their parents’) loose change over the course of a month and learn some of the principles of altruism. Half of the loose change goes to the PTA and the other half goes to needy school families.


Parents are always welcome to share in the work of writing, editing, designing, copying and distributing the Mustang, Shepherd’s weekly newsletter. We’ll put up our newsletter against any school’s. Even if you don’t have newsletter skills, you can help by pulling it from your child’s backpack each Monday and reading it from cover to cover!


One of the PTA’s top priorities last year was technology. Last year it spent more than $20,000 on computers and other educational technology. How can we put it to best use? Tech-savvy moms and dads are needed to assess and evaluate our tech holdings.


D.C. Public Schools this year required its uniform-policy schools to offer low-cost alternatives. We beat DCPS to the punch years ago. No item is more than a dollar. What’s required is the ability to identify wearable used uniform clothing and display it for sale at PTA events.