Teacher Wish Lists

For the 2014-15 school year, the Shepherd PTA invited all Shepherd teachers to set up individual “wish lists” on Amazon.com for educational tools, classroom supplies, etc…. the things not quite covered by the annual DCPS budget.  We allocated $500 to purchase items from each teacher’s wish list.  For the many of you who have supported PTA fundraising activities, this is an example of how we put your contributions to work — to benefit our students directly and show support and appreciation for all that our teachers do.

As proud as we are to offer this support, we clearly recognize that $500 doesn’t go very far.  So, we’re encouraging parents (and grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone else) who want to help out their own child’s teacher, to check out these wish lists and consider purchasing some of the items that weren’t covered by the initial gift.

How to Order

The links, below, will take you to the individual wish lists of each teacher.  (Note that some teachers do not presently have items on their lists.)  We encourage you to make separate purchases for each teacher, rather than combining orders.  This way, a box will arrive at school with the teacher’s name on it and the office can simply deliver it to the teacher’s classroom.

Click on the teacher’s name below to go to the Amazon.com website.  (You will be leaving the Shepherd website.  Use your back button to return.)  Select an item or items from list and make your purchase, just as you would any other Amazon order.  Look for help on the Amazon site, if needed.  Since you’re shopping from a wish list, the site will prompt you with gift options − including the opportunity to include a gift message and let the teacher know who sent the order.

Ship To: Teacher’s Name, Shepherd Elementary School. 7800 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20012.  (202) 576-6140.


Bianca Arrington – First Grade

Angela Bonham – Speech

LaShan Booth – Special Education

Anne Charles – Fifth Grade

Koutouan Gadie – French

Robin George – Third Grade

Patricia Gibbs – PreK

Rudy Gonzalez – Music

Elizabeth Guldin – Special Education

Renee Hamer – Second Grade

Ashley Hart – Kindergarten

Sandra Hart – IB

Alice Hill-Dyal – First Grade

Tia Holt – PreK

Vinson Irby – Art

Beverly Johnson – Preschool 3

Jeffrey Langrock – PE

Mr. Leonard – Fifth Grade

Gail Liggins – Counselor

Evelyn McIntyre – Third Grade

Carole McNealy  – Social Worker

Claudia Miranda-Mulligan – Spanish

Crystal Moorefield – Instructional Coach

Nicole Pethel – Kindergarten

Margaret Powell-Mallory – Psychologist

Mary Thomas – Fourth Grade

Christina Tiffany – Librarian

Nancy Ulba – Fourth Grade

Tenishia Whren – Third Grade

Shepherd PTA General